Hearn/Conner Family Browsable Files
Lerma E. Hearn
The Browsable Files database gives information about individuals in context with their immediate family members, whether or not they are also shown on the charts or mentioned in the ahnentafel or register reports.

To locate a person
, click on that person's name in the Index, either directly or going by way of the Surname list.

Clicking on a person's name in the Index opens a "family card" with the name of that person (and spouse, if married) in the middle, with children's names below and the parents of each spouse above. If marriage information is known, it appears above the names of the couple. Clicking on a child's name will open the child's family card, clicking on a parent's name will open the parent's family card.

Clicking on the name of either spouse on a family card opens that individual's "person sheet", which may offer more details about the individual.

If there is a photo available a small camera icon will appear beside the person's name on the family card, or beside the marriage data if the photo relates to the couple or a group of their children. Clicking on the icon will open the corresponding photo(s). Clicking on the small photo displayed with the person’s name, either on the Family Card or the Person Sheet, opens the same photo(s).

Living sons and daughters of deceased parents are identified only by name, and are not listed in the index. Those with living parents are generally omitted entirely. Individuals are assumed to be living if they were born after 1908 and we have no death date for them.

Future updates:
We hope to add a considerable amount of information: source citations, more notes, more photographs and more people. The date of the most recent update is found at the bottom of each page, person sheet and family card.

Comments about Accuracy:
To the best of our knowledge, all parent-child relationships are correct. Some spellings are questionable, as are some dates. Please feel free to use our information as a basis for further research--but take advantage of opportunities to study original sources or well documented published materials.

We welcome additions, corrections, questions, and suggestions.