Descendants of Ferdinand L. & Daisy (Maddox) Hearn
Lerma E. Hearn
This register report* gives name, date, and place information for many direct descendants (and their spouses) of Ferdinand Lawrence Hearn (b. 1820) and Adecia “Daisy” (Maddox) Hearn (b. 1825). It omits date and place information for those who are still living; it identifies those under age 21 only as (Son) or (Daughter) of their parents.

NAVIGATION: To locate a person, click on that person's name in the Index, either directly or going by way of the Surname list.

To move between generations of the same family: Click on the underlined name of a child to move forward one generation, or click on the underlined name of a parent (top of page) to move back a generation. Click on the underlined name of an ancestor to move to that ancestor’s generation.

To simply scan the descendants, click on any generation; scroll and click "Next" or "Previous" as needed.

Comments about Accuracy: To the best of our knowledge, all parent-child relationships are correct. Some spellings are questionable, as are some dates. We expect to list source citations in future updates. (The date of the most recent update is displayed at the bottom of each page.) Please feel free to use our information as a basis for further research--but take advantage of opportunities to study original sources or well documented published materials.

The date of the most recent update is displayed at the bottom of each page.

Family history is more than a collection of names, dates and places, but those do provide a base on which to build. We have more information on some of these family members, which we will be glad to share, and we would enjoy learning more. We welcome additions, corrections, questions, and suggestions.

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*A “Register Report” (named for the New England Historical and Genealogical Register) contains a narrative paragraph for each person, beginning with the source couple and including all their descendants through a specific number of generations. A standard numbering system is used:

Each descendant is assigned a unique number, beginning with 1 for the source person. Children within each family are listed with lowercase Roman numerals i, ii, iii, iv, etc. Those who became parents themselves also carry a unique lowercase Roman numeral continuing in sequence 2, 3, 4, etc, The report is separated into generations as First Generation, Second Generation, etc.