Hearnville Cemetery Cleanup

The Hearnville Cemetery dates from the mid-1800s. It was near the town of Hearnville, Georgia, which no longer exists. The cemetery is now located about nine miles outside of Eatonton, Georgia on the road to Godfrey, Georgia. The site is a forested area owned by the University of Georgia and is heavily overgrown with trees and underbrush. The grave markers are in very poor condition due to age and possible vandalism. Brothers Lot and William Hearn are buried here, together with several members of their extended families. According to speculation, their parents Jonathan and Rhoda may also be buried here. (See the Genealogy section for relationship charts). Several burials in the cemetery are apparently not related to the Hearn family. Several small unidentifed stones may have marked the graves of slaves.

In March, 2010, a group of Hearn relatives gathered to remove underbrush and generally clean up the site. The pictures below show some of this work. No effort was made to restore upset or broken grave markers, many of which are beyond repair. However, the Hearnville Cemetery Project, initiated by William Hearn, has collected funds for possible stabilization of some of the gravestones (especially the Lot and William box tombs) and erection of a historic marker.

A diagram of identified graves and a map showing the cemetery location can be downloaded here.

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