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An Aubrey Story

Gerald Stovall

Jimmy Crow, a retiree of the Sunday School Board, and long-time friend of Aubrey tells this story, which is well known around the Sunday School Board, but apparently not around the Hearn Family.

Years ago, the executives of the BSSB were very accessible. The employees could walk into their offices just about anytime. Needless to say, that is not the case any more. Aubrey and Florence had just had a new baby, probably Marcia, or Suzie. Aubrey walked into Dr. Sullivan's office and told him of the new arrival. Dr. Sullivan was very pleased and expressed his congratulations. Aubrey suggested to Dr. Sullivan that since his family was growing, perhaps he could be given a raise. Dr. Sullivan's reply was, "Aubrey, you are paid for what you do at the Board, not for what you do at home."