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Charles Hearn


In the course of writing his books and articles, Aubrey Hearn corresponded with many people to obtain opinions on alcohol or smoking, permission to use quotes, etc. Some of these individuals were well-known. Statements from these people appeared in Aubrey's books and articles (although not all agreed with his point of view or gave permission to use statements). Below are signatures on letters to Aubrey from some well-known people.
Bob Feller
baseball pitcher (1941)
Feller autograph
Bob Mathias
athlete (1953)
Mathias autograph
Connie Mack
baseball manager (1946)
Mack autograph
Frank Leahy
Notre Dame coach (1949)
Leahy autograph
Bud Wilkinson
Oklahoma U. coach (1949)
Wilkinson autograph
Bobby Dodd
Georgia Tech coach (1949)
Dodd autograph
Billy Rose
entertainment mogul (1948)
Rose autograph
Jesse Stuart
author (1948)
Stuart autograph
Adolph Rupp
Kentucky basketball coach (1949)
Rupp autograph
Alfred L. Crabb
author (1946)
Crabb autograph
Grantland Rice
sports writer (1945)
Rice autograph
Blair Cherry
Texas coach (1949)
Cherry autograph
Matty Bell
SMU coach (1949)
Bell autograph
Bennie Oosterbaan
U. Mich. coach (1949)
Oosterbaan autograph