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A Flowery Tribute

Robert Allen

Following is an excerpt from a letter written to Florence Hearn by her uncle, Robert Allen. The letterhead reads: Department of Physics and Electrical Engineering, John B. Stetson University, DeLand, Florida. This letter is dated November 24, 1933.

My dear Florence,

You will excuse my having to relay this letter to you through sister Lena, in-as-much as I do not have your new address. . .

When we received your letter which outlined in such a flattering fashion the various qualities and attainments of your newly acquired husband we naturally attributed all this enthusiasm to your novel role as "a recent bride." But now that we have actually had the privilege of first hand acquaintance with this exalted personage we have been forced to acknowledge, with chagrin, that in the future we, too, shall have to adopt your catalogue of descriptive adjectives in referring to him. His personal charm and brilliance bids fair to enhance your estimate of him as time goes on. We most heartily take pride in welcoming him into the family.