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Thomas Ganaway Conner

T. G. Conner
T. G. Conner


Thomas G. Conner, Florence’s dad, was born in Tuskegee, Alabama on September 5, 1877, the fourth of nine children. He was educated at Alabama Polytechnic Institute (now Auburn University), receiving his B.S. in 1897 and a master’s in electrical and mechanical engineering (E&ME degree) in 1898. During the Spanish American war, which took place about the time he was to graduate, he worked as a civilian electrician at Fort Morgan (Mobile, Alabama).

In June, 1902, T. G. married Lena Allen of Sparta, Georgia. They were the parents of six children who lived to maturity: Thomas, Allen, Florence, Eady, Lewis, and Walter. During his business career Mr. Conner worked in the following businesses:

T.G. Conner was a devout man, a Bible student and Sunday School teacher for almost fifty years, and a deacon in the church most of his adult life. Though a man of few words, he had an acute sense of humor and a dry wit. He worked hard, taking little time to play. He was said to have found pleasure in his work.

Perhaps most telling, Mr. Conner was said to have had keen insight into the real value of things. He regarded as valueless much that had the trappings of worth.

On April 7, 1942, T.G. Conner died while attempting to prevent an explosion at the city gas plant.*

*See A Tragic Accident