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Aubrey Hearn 1926

During the early days of Florence’s courtship with Aubrey she kept a little scrapbook which she entitled “HIStory.” In this book she noted the highlights of the early part of their relationship, which began in 1925 and culminated in their marriage in September, 1933. Although they had few opportunities to be together, there was a frequent exchange of letters and an occasional gift box of candy (from Aubrey) or cookies (from Florence).

Following are a few passages from the book.


Excerpted by Mary Alice Heard

Jan. 5, 1925 - Aubrey wrote to thank me for some candy I made for them [Aubrey and his roommate, Allen Conner, Florence’s brother]. He began “My dear Miss Conner.”

Jan. 4, 1926 - He thanked me for a book mark I made for him. It was a dark blue ribbon with a Crimson “H” embroidered on it for “Howard” [Howard College, now Samford University].

May 20, 1926 - I went to commencement exercises at Howard. Aubrey met the train before Allen came. I introduced myself to him. Allen, Aubrey and I went out to Mrs. Hearn’s [Aubrey’s Aunt Lizzie’s] on the street car. Aubrey said he wasn’t at all disappointed in Allen’s sister.

May 21, 1926 - We all went to the Commencement Concert. Joy and Richard played. I sat by Aubrey and he and I walked home together. It was very dark and the street was rough so he told me to take his arm.

May 24, 1926 - Aubrey and Allen received their diplomas and the A.B. Degree. Mother, Dad, and I came home the next morning.

Aug. 22, 1927 [during a visit in Andalusia by Aubrey and his sister Mildred] - After lunch we went through our pastor’s home then we four [Aubrey, Florence, Mildred, and Allen] went to Point “A.” Aubrey and I fished. He said he didn’t see why the fish didn’t bite and he knew they would if they only knew what was at the other end of my line. Before we went he took us to the Drug Store and bought a box of candy for me. . .When we came home Aubrey suggested that we sit on the front porch. It was late so Allen and Mildred soon went in.

Aubrey and I didn’t talk much. He asked me for a picture of myself and gave me back my ring and said he enjoyed wearing it. I didn’t tell him to keep it because I didn’t know if he wanted it. When we got up to come in he said, “Florence, will you let me call you my Sweetheart?” I wasn’t sure because I was so surprised, but I told him it suited me. (I wonder now why I hesitated a moment.) They left after breakfast the next morning. Aubrey told me goodby first and I don’t know whether it was he or I who squeezed the other’s hand first–at any rate it was a warm handclasp. (Ours are always warm now–and thrilling.)

August 26, 1927 - Wonder of wonders–he began his letter “Dear Sweetheart.” I had half expected it but I didn’t know it would look as it did. He said he had no adjectives to tell what a delightful time he had in Andalusia. He was leaving for Attalla the next day to begin his year of teaching.

September 8, 1927 - He appreciated my insisting that he not work so hard and said he had resolved to rest enough. (It was useless for me to ask him to rest–he doesn’t know what rest is.) He said I didn’t need to practice four hours a day. . . He thanked me for the cookies I made for him. He said he still believed he had the best sweetheart in the world.

January 6, 1928 - I as Lady Rebecca received a letter from my Sir Aubrey. He promised me he would win the game of chess [played by mail] from Allen and that the laurel wreath would be his. He promised not to cast eyes on Sir Allen’s queen.

April 5, 1928 - Aubrey said he enjoyed his holidays very much. He and Allen finished the chess game and Aubrey won. He said he pledged his word of honor that he didn’t flirt with his Allen’s Queen. (I have not given him the laurel wreath.) He said he was coming Saturday to see me.

Easter Day - He came to the Presbyterian church and Lina Belle sat with him. [Florence was in the choir.] We went to dinner at the Forrest and came back to the college after dinner on account of our Easter Service. Lina Belle left us in Polymnian Hall–alone. It was the first time we had ever really been alone for long and he thrilled me because he held my hand in his for a long time. . . He gave me a beautiful little book on “Character and Conduct” and we read to each other.

May 16, 1928 - Aubrey and Mr. Sauls came and Aubrey brought me some pink carnations. Lucy had a date with H.S. and they played the Orthyphonic. Aubrey gave me his picture and it is grand. . . I almost hated Miss Well for saying it was ten o’clock so sweetly. After H.S. and Lucy went out and we were the only ones left I made Aubrey go over near the mirror so I could see how tall I was compared with him. The top of my head comes nearly to Aubrey’s eyes. He is the sweetest boy in the world and I adore him. I made him come back to Polymnian hall with me for the records just because I wanted to walk by him again.