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I Remember When...

Mary Ruth Brew

J.B. and I came to live with the C. Aubrey Hearn family on Westwood. But before that...I had come for a visit with my sister Arlena. It seemed that Immanuel Baptist was having a Valentine banquet. I rode the train up from Blue Mountain by myself. It was in 1946, so the Hearn children were small. Besides the Hearn family, Arlena, Josephine, Mai, Dorothy, Juanita, and the Kelly family lived there. Sadie was there to help Florence. Later, Sadie made my maid of honor dress for Arlena's wedding on September 10, 1948.

While I was there for that visit I enjoyed the sing-along led by Aubrey. And the food by Florence. Also, I enjoyed my visit at the Sunday School Board.

While I worked at the Board my friendship with the Hearn family grew. Aubrey helped me select a puppy to send to Arlena and children living in Cincinnati.

On May 14, 1949, J.B. and I were married and moved into an upstairs bedroom of the Hearn house. Suzie was a beautiful, small baby, and I'm afraid we all petted her. However, Marcia was our buddy. Every time Florence's back was turned, up the steps she came. How we loved that.

I remember when J.B. and I took the family to Immanuel and then went on to Edgefield (across town). Then we'd pick them up after church for our trip home. Since I grew up without a car we loved being able to share our car with the Hearns.

I remember when Aubrey took Florence and Suzie to a Training Union study week in Alabama. J.B. and I took care of the house, the food, and five precious Hearns. I'm sure our diet was not super, but we had fun!

I remember when Florence went downstairs to put some washed clothes in the dryer, and Suzie tried to follow. The trouble was, the little tailer tot couldn't go down the steps. Well, Suzie survived it.

I remember when Mary Alice went to Blue Mountain College. Every time we went home to Blue Mountain, we tried to take one or more sisters with us. I believe all the BMC girls were envious of Mary Alice.

I remember the beautiful wedding dress the Hearn girls shared. What a super idea!

How J.B. and I have loved being "members" of the Hearn family. We hope to continue to be.