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I Remember

The following recollections are taken from Memories of Childhood, a collection compiled by their children for Florence and Aubrey on the occasion of their 35th wedding anniversary, September 1, 1968.

Mildred Dillard

. . .the night Marcia and I were sleeping in the big double bed in the front bedroom downstairs and Daddy warned us, “Don’t say another word or I’ll spank!” We tiptoed to the door and said as softly as we could, “Word!” In a half second Daddy was across the living room almost before we could hide underneath the covers, and he kept his promise.

. . .the chickens we used to keep; and watching Daddy and Charles kill a turkey for Thanksgiving. We were in the tree house and were terrified but couldn’t help but watch.

. . .how much fun we had singing together as a family or whenever we had company. Those old folks songs are wonderful!

. . .how I cried and cried after I failed a math exam in the 8th grade. Mom didn’t fuss at all but just told me to do the best I could. How relieved I was, and how I appreciated Mom!

. . .so well the trip I made to South America. In Bogota Daddy ordered crepes suzettes at the suggestion of George Caldwell, who told Dad that it was ice cream. When the waiter brought out some kind of wine and several other things we finally realized that Mr. Caldwell had played a little joke on us. What a laugh we had after that–especially Mr. Caldwell.

Suzie Lusk

. . .when Daddy fell out of the tree while sitting on the limb he was sawing.

. . .how much fun we had playing badminton in the back yard.

. . .when Charles did his magic tricks for us–expecially that table with one square missing.

. . .the fun times we had at Camp Content, the cabin where we stayed at Ridgecrest.

. . .the “stories” Daddy told that he had heard “the other day.”

. . .the time Mother spanked me for jumping on the hood of the car.

. . .the time Daddy fought the wasps on the Skinner roof.

. . .the family reunions at Guntersville Lake.

. . .going blackberry picking with Daddy, and getting chigger bites all over me.

. . .horseback riding at Glorieta. Once Daddy let me ride on his horse because I was afraid, and he ripped his pants on a sharp rock.

. . .”The Thousand Legged Worm” and “Grandfather’s Clock” and all the other songs Dad used to sing to us when we were small.

. . .the many times we entertained for company, and Mom played the piano.