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Unnamed Sonnet

Florence Conner

The lake, a glen set in the heart of hills,
Is calm and rippled only by a breeze.
The sun above shines down with light that fills
Each ripple, that reflects it to the trees.
Tis true the waters soon begin to fall.
Then their calm, their peace, their joy is gone.
They turn and twist and chant as in a brawl,
But later–depth, and they flow smoothly on.
Our lives are calm and sheltered by our friends,
And troubled only by a few small cares.
But there are times when this still calmness ends;
Our souls are seared and scarred by many snares.
But as the waters always cease their strife,
We too become as happy in our life.

This poem was found among Florence's papers from her college days. She had written this comment on the back:

"An afternoon by the lake with Lucy. My first attempt at writing poetry–and my last."