Index of Genealogical Data

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Photographs of some of the ancestors and descendants in these reports are accessible from the Galleries page. Short biographical sketches of several Hearn and Conner relatives are here.

The genealogical data includes basic information (names, dates, places) about direct ancestors and their descendants, in standard genealogical form.

1. Ahnentafel: Known ancestors of Charles Aubrey and Florence Conner Hearn.

2. Register Reports: Descendants of:

Additional Information: Browsable Files are similar to standard Family Group Sheets and Person Sheets, but with web-based navigability. The Browsable Files database gives more information about Hearn/Conner relatives, including many who do not appear on the charts or the standard genealogical reports.

Comments about Accuracy: To the best of our knowledge, all parent-child relationships are correct. Some spellings are questionable, as are some dates. We expect to list sources in future updates.

Please feel free to use our information as a basis for further research--but take advantage of opportunities to study original sources or well documented published materials.

Family history is more than a collection of names, dates and places, but those do provide a base on which to build. We have more information on some of these family members, which we will be glad to share, and we would enjoy learning more. We welcome additions, corrections, questions, and suggestions (Hearn Herald email address).

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